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El Paso del Norte

It is a privilege to be the President of the 2022 Women’s Council of REALTORS El Paso del Norte Board of Directors. I take this organization and leadership position very seriously, as do the other officers. Being on this Board will teach us to work as a team, create new and improved habits, and guide us in how to better manage and conduct our professional business, including our households and in service to our community. I believe we will be inspired and will inspire others. As our past presidents continue to mentor us, we hope to mentor and be a positive role model and example to other members and fellow colleagues.

My first promise is to my Daughter:

I promise to do my best! I hope she learns one day that everything I do is in the hope that she is inspired by me and that she and others look up to me as an example of perseverance, determination, integrity, and grace mixed with wit and a sense of humor.

My second promise is to my Board that stand by my side on this journey:

I promise that we will learn much together, grow even bigger individually and corporately, and enjoy this great adventure.

My third promise is to our Members and Partners:

I promise to deliver quality events, training, and networking. By providing leadership tools, education, and opportunities for growth, I hope to empower those I am committed to serving.

My fourth and last promise is to the Women’s Council of REALTORS:

I promise to maintain the integrity of the organization with great care. Along with my team, my goal is to inspire and make a lasting impression on those making the decision to choose to embark on the same path I am on now in creative and innovative ways.

"The only point of having power it seems to me is to empower others. The only point of leadership is to inspire." --Eve Ensler

Please take the time to meet your Board. They are an ambitious and exciting group of outstanding Professionals! If you are not a member, I ask that you consider joining this network. This organization will lead to many exciting and enriching opportunities for you to participate in and grow both personally and professionally!

Women's Council of the El Paso del Norte - President

Aracely Gaytan


2022 Board:

Aracely Gaytan - President

Karen Polanco - President-Elect

Michelle Nareja-Feuille - First Vice President

Sulema Mathews - Treasure

Jeff Llamas - Membership Director

Aileen Soto - Event Director


Meet the Leadership Team