El Paso del Norte

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to serve as your 2023 Women's Council President. It took me a while to get here; however, timing is always everything, and I know this year is just the perfect time!

My commitment to you in 2023 is to provide events that will motivate you and impact your life, as well as the lives of many in the communities where we serve.

I want to build leaders and get more involvement so that Realtors and Affiliates can move up in their leadership journeys with the Women's Council.

My vision is to provide education and collaboration within the El Paso community.

I'm hoping to grow the membership to double what it is currently and provide value to our strategic partners through advertising opportunities and a membership that gives back to them by using them for their business opportunities and needs.

By the end of this year, I hope that many more people will know what the Women's Council is and see the value in it that I have come to love so much.

I hope that each new member and current member leaves this year with a wow factor that will inspire other women just the same.

To give you a little sneak peek of some of the events that are coming, we have a collaboration with the city council and animal services that will provide education to the real estate community and also help in getting some of our animals adopted out of animal services.

My favorite and the one vision I've had for so many years is a huge conference tailored to empowering women in the community by providing jobs, resources, education, motivation, and so much more.

I am also planning an event to help several women through Habitat for Humanity and collaborating with the Builders Association and Realtor/Builder Committee to help fix their homes in ways that they are not able.

I hope you will join me on this journey in 2023!



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