El Paso del Norte

As we begin our 2024 journey, I want to start by expressing my appreciation for the trust you all have placed in me to lead our network and guide our membership. It is my privilege and honor to serve as your 2024 Local President of the El Paso Del Norte Network.

My career as a Realtor® has been nothing short of amazing, however, I’d like to tell you about my story with the Women's Council of Realtors®.  It all started when I was a young Realtor® where I was advised to stay focused solely on sales.  Motivated and energized to make money, I chose just that, to focus on sales for the first part of my career. If I could go back in time and lead myself into a Women’s Council meeting when I first began, I would have advanced in my success sooner.  So I want to extend our past president’s request to allow yourself to be #Volunspired to be part of the Women’s Council and take advantage of the opportunities that come from belonging to an amazing network such as ours.  I want to share with the incoming Realtors® and to inform the veteran Realtors® on the benefits they can also reap from the Women's Council because it's never too late or too soon.  The experience from putting together an event, the out-of-town conferences, the tools from other networks, the speakers, the support, and the camaraderie that you receive from unexpected friendships formed through the process are all priceless.

I have witnessed the traditions that we have upheld as a network over the years and I know that Realtors® are the best at adapting to change.  I have been around to witness both past and present events of the Women's Council, from the monthly luncheons to the updated industry events.

Although I have always been observing from the back, learning and training, the Women’s Council of Realtors® gave me the confidence to accept the position to properly lead and step into a position of leadership.  As for this 2024 year, we are excited about everything we have in store for our members and the communities we serve! We will have our 10th annual bowling tournament that everyone always looks forward to. The awesome Women’s Conference which left a lasting impression on many people’s minds and hearts and which will continue with chapter two.  A social media training with a wonderful guru who will help guide us through this ever-changing technology and keep us steadfast in our careers.  And finally, a car show that will not only have members impressed by the car's beauty but inspired by speakers who will give guidance on self-awareness and mental health to overcome mental challenges. 

I also have education as one of our main goals this year. My vision is for us to be able to educate the communities we serve of the presence and benefits of the Women’s Council and to provide outlets for growth and camaraderie within the membership.  I believe everyone should know about the choice to be a part of something great and that the Women's Council is here to inspire, to grow, to plan, and to perform. 

I ask that members go out and share their story about the Women's Council of Realtors® and allow themselves to be inspired. 

Let’s ride into 2024 Together!                                                                                   

With Love,

Melissa Urbina, 2024 President

Women's Council of Realtors® - El Paso del Norte Network


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