El Paso del Norte

As your 2021 President, it is with much honor that I write this letter. Women's Council of REALTORS® El Paso Del Norte is a strong network with Leaders throughout--both Women and Men. There are 2 gentlemen that are currently on the 2021 Board. Everywhere you look at our Members, they are volunteering in the community and also taking leadership positions in many organizations. Many of our Members serve on Committees at our local board of REALTORS® known as GEPAR. And some, including myself, sit on the GEPAR Board of Directors. Please consider joining us and be a part of this Amazing Organization we know as Women's Council of REALTORS®. This organization lives up to what it set out to do 38 plus years ago with its mission to empower women and help them grow into leaders. It has accomplished that goal and continues to do so to this very day. Our tag line "Leaders Made Here" reinforces that very mission. We are here to help you achieve that from your local, to state, to national level.

Wishing you Much Success in all your Future Endeavors,

Shy Rodriguez

El Paso Del Norte President


Get to Know Our Board:

Shy Rodriguez - President

Aracely Gaytan - President Elect

Dina Perez - Secretary

Alex Huereca - Membership Director

Jeff Llamas - Program Director