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Welcome to the National
Volunteer Town Square

Women's Council is a leadership organization, and as part of our mission, we are structured to provide you, the member, with leadership opportunities that enrich both our organization and you as a leader.

Whether a task force, governing board or assisting in running an election, opportunities abound for your involvement.

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A 30-minute webinar can be viewed on the Leadership Identification and Development process. 

Process: You will begin by filling out the volunteer application. Depending on which local Network you belong to, this will then go to your state leadership, RVP, or Governor along with the National headquarters staff.

Appointments will be made beginning in June 2019 for 2020 opportunities. Opportunities include (but are not limited to): liaison positions to NAR, finance & budget committee, project teams, leadership conference faculty, inspiration/pledge speakers at national meetings, election volunteers, trade show booth volunteers, and meeting ambassadors. 

Guidelines and Information for Applicants

  • Check with your State Network for their 2019 application deadline.
  • Your state must review and submit recommendations to National by May 3, 2019

Please do not simply list all the organizational positions you have held.

Please do include skills you have and results that you have achieved. Be sure to include skills that you want to learn or build on.

Here are some ideas of the types of skills we are interested in. Use these concepts as you complete the application.

  • Communication – speaking, writing, persuading, listening, negotiating, use of technology. Include specific topics that you speak on.
  •  Research and Planning – gathering and analyzing information, goal setting and strategy development
  •  Human Relations – motivating, representing others, conflict management
  •  Organization, Leadership and Management – managing and directing people to achieve common  goals, coaching, mentoring
  •  Work Process – Managing time, meeting goals, making decisions, delegating, team building


Women’s Council Experience

  • As leader of the website project team, I wrote the copy for our industry events and posted the information to the network website.
  • I made a well-received presentation at the state orientation on the Network Model.

REALTOR® Organization Experience

  • I used time management to keep the committee (Ethics) on track and on time.
  • I facilitated the new member orientation at my local board.

We've developed additional tools for upcoming leaders!

  • The Preparing to Lead Webinar video
  • First Year Member Communications Template (attached)
  • The Task is to Ask

Questions? Contact the Membership Department at 800-245-8512 or email wcr@wcr.org.

Leaders Made Here Submissions

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