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Tech Makeover: Improve Your Social Media Presence Today

In our latest social media makeover, we spent some time chatting with Darcy Wendt of Modesto, CA. Like many REALTORS®, Darcy has been working her way through the social media space, piecing together a sensible and sustainable strategy for leveraging social media in her marketing strategy. Here are a few pieces from our conversation that can help our readers improve their strategy for social media success as well.
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The Future for Business Models

For many years, industry expert Stefan Swanepoel has researched innovation, new business models and companies that push the envelope of change in real estate. The most important elements in building a successful new business model have, of course, changed over time. In his latest research, Stefan has discovered an interesting cross-section of innovators: some are outside the box, while others offer a new twist on a current model.
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Taxes and Your Business: Play the Game

You can complain about the unfairness of the IRS and tax code – the bureaucracy of it all, the confusion, the contradictions – and maybe even argue that it's anti-business. Or you can do what almost everyone can but few bother to: play the IRS's game. Only make sure that you're on the winning team.
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Midyear Meeting: Registration opens Feb. 16

May 12-15, 2011 | Washington, D.C. Women's Council conferences are jam-packed with top-notch education for real estate professionals, as well as opportunities to network with agents from around the country. Registration opens Feb. 16 at Noon CST for this event, which is held in conjunction with NAR's Midyear Legislative Meetings.
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Women's Council's Official Designation

The Performance Management Network Designation is built from the ground up to bring you the real-world skills, the know-how and the tools that will keep your business out front and on top of an evolving market. To find upcoming courses in your area.
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