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Women's Council is your connection to the top professionals in real estate, as well as great education and opportunities to promote your business online through your free Member Expertise Profile. Don't miss out. Renew your Women's Council membership today and, if you haven't already done so, upload your color photo in the Referral Center at no extra charge. In today's challenging market, we strive to give you the networking, business-building resources and support you need.
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Referrals on Purpose With Social Media

You can and should have a plan for your referral business. As part of your yearly business planning, it will enable you to thrive and do more "easy" business. It should include maximizing your branding by creating a good business page on Facebook, building your recommendations on LinkedIn and regularly seeing and talking to the people most likely to send you referrals. Don't stop there. The business climate is tough in many areas, and yet we can create our best year ever by expanding our referral opportunities with creativity through social media.
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Name? Check! Face? Check! Town? Uh-oh

n years past, dollars spent on marketing real estate services appeared to be free-flowing in the form of large corporate parties, oversized moving vans with company logos and thousands of direct-mail pieces touting who's the best REALTOR® on the block. Well, these days we are all tightening our belts with regards to marketing. So here's an often-forgotten tip for getting referrals from our real estate peers, and it won't cost you a dime.
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Thriving In This Market through Web 2.0

Are you still haranguing your sales manager to run newspaper ads for your listings? Or even worse, spending your own hard-earned money to do so? While "traditional" marketing has its place, Web 2.0 marketing strategies are a much better way to promote yourself and your listings. But how do you create a sense of "community" with someone you've never met and with whom you have no chance of speaking face to face?
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Midyear Meeting: Registration Now Open

May 12-15, 2011 | Washington, D.C. Women's Council conferences are jam-packed with top-notch education for real estate professionals, as well as opportunities to network with agents from around the country. Also, at our Awards Banquet, our National Strategic Partner Wells Fargo will announce the four local chapter winners of the "Inspire. Educate. Enable." Award. Registration is now open for this event, which is held in conjunction with NAR's Midyear Legislative Meetings.
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New Online Designation Course

This newly-revised course, "The Business of Your Business: Formula, Financials, Function & Freedom," will teach you how to think about the business of your business and make it more profitable and you more successful. You'll learn strategies for systemizing your business, as well as fundamentals for improving your bottom line and achieving your financial goals. Learn the how's and why's of staffing, how to develop an actionable business plan and why your role should be that of a CEO working on the business versus an employee working in it.
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Live Webinar: Do's and Don'ts of E-mail Marketing

n this March 31 webinar, instructor Doug Devitre will take a systematic approach to creating value-driven e-mail campaigns designed specifically for your target audiences, while minimizing the probability of your efforts ending up in a spam folder. Doug will provide you with tips for remaining relevant in your clients' e-mail in-boxes so that you can focus on building your company's brand and services.
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Live Webinar: Real Estate Reinvention + You

Today more than ever it's crucial to have a clear definition of who you are and what you offer your clients. In this special April 14 webinar, author, marketing expert and brand consultant Kaira Rouda will walk you through the steps to understanding and articulating the real you. She'll explain why all of this change we've been experiencing can be beneficial and why it's sometimes good business to take a risk and reinvent yourself.
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The Performance Management Network Designation is built from the ground up to bring you the real-world skills, the know-how and the tools that will keep your business out front and on top of an evolving market. T find upcoming courses in your area.
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