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Battle of the Brands and the Search for the Holy Grail - Sponsored Content

by Warren Dow, Vice President of Industry Engagement at Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies

Istock 80428737 LARGEWe choose between brands daily. Some of these choices are as simple as our coffee makers - Keurig or Tassimo – or what fast food to grab for lunch – Subway or McDonalds. When it comes to the tech space, there has been a dominant battle of the brands for the last 5 years: Apple or Android?  I have heard one too many debates about whether Android or iOS (Apple) is better for managing a real estate practice. Can I get an Amen? The truth is, with the adoption of cloud-based applications storing all of our pertinent contacts, data, and information in the ether that is the internet, both systems are more than capable of managing the needs of a 5000-agent brokerage all the way down to a single agent.  

So why do we want to see everyone else using the same products, devices and software we so proudly and vehemently defend?  Certain tools and software, like Apple devices, appeal to the emotion of the user.  By using their brand, they transform the user into the ideals of the device – sleek, smart and fun.  Other tools and software, like Android, appeal as a commodity solution – lower price, features, performance and the ability to customize. While we can all work from different devices, it creates a disconnect between two users who value different things even if the same job is getting done.  The simple answer is homogeny.

We can accomplish the same tasks on different devices by using the same or similar websites, applications and software, but ultimately, communication and collaboration is easier if we all work from a uniform system.  There are no conversion or compatibility issues.  We know the person on the other end of the digital string is experiencing the same thing we are, and we subconsciously see them as equals.  Even though it’s not necessary, it’s easier if we all have the same tools at our fingertips and work from a single interface we’re all familiar with.  

There is clearly a case to be made for both sides of the argument.  However, the one clear truth is that communication and collaboration is easier when your brokerage, your agents, your colleagues and your clients are all using the same platform.  Unfortunately, we can’t control what tools or devices our clients use.  We can’t control what devices our agents choose to carry around. But we can control the software that keeps our agents and brokerages running smoothly.  Whether we’re talking about accounting systems, CRMs, marketing solutions, or any other software that is critical in our day-to-day business, it’s in our best interest to consider a single platform or brand.  

Finding a single ecosystem in real estate is the search for the holy grail – a complete enterprise solution that can manage our front office, back office, and public-facing content. Not only does this consolidate the number of logins required for agents and admins but it also keeps everything organized in a standard format and in a single location.  It can save us time, it can save us money, and it can put everyone in our organization on equal footing no matter what device they happen to be logging in from. Instead of hearing the same debate about which device is better, you’ll start seeing a significantly more productive and profitable real estate business.


About the Contributor 

Dow ThumbWarren Dow is the Vice President of Industry Engagement at Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies and a principle contributor to the Real Estate Technology Institute. With a degree in behavioral neuroscience and his background in technology, consumer engagement, and marketing strategy, Warren offers a unique perspective to help real estate brokerages and professionals engage today’s consumer.  Warren has been the representative of WCR’s national sponsor for the past 6 years.

Email: wdow@lwolf.com
Phone:  802-274-9781
Websites: www.lwolf.com
Twitter: @darrenjwow


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