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It's 2017! Have You Renewed Your Membership Yet?

For those of you who have renewed your dues, thank you! We are seeking to bring even more value to your membership in 2017. Women's Council is your 2017 partner in connecting to the top professionals in real estate, as well as great education and opportunities to promote your business online through your free Member Expertise Profile in the Referral Center. In today's challenging market, we strive to give you the networking, business-building resources and support you need.
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Success in the New Year: Use 12 Benefits in 12 Months

Welcome to 2017! Like you, I start off the New Year with a fresh perspective on things, and renewed vigor and energy to start things off on the right foot! As your 2017 President, I’ll be with you each step of the way. Women’s Council can be your partner for success in 2017. We have so many unique benefits to share with you, and what better way than to highlight one benefit a month!
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A New Direction for the Women’s Council

This past November, during the National Conference, Council leaders approved the transition from Council “Chapters” to Council “Networks,” following a two-year pilot test in California. And while a simple name change may seem, well, simple – there are a lot of exciting opportunities behind this change.
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What Your Business Plan Needs to Have in 2017

There’s nothing better than knowing exactly what you’re going to do to tackle your real estate business goals ahead of time for the upcoming year. The industry can be unpredictable, but with a high quality, meticulous business plan, you can be ready for anything, and succeed, regardless of what the real estate market throws at you.
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Helpful Habits: 3 Steps To Meaningful Routines

Who needs routines? Well, you do. Even spontaneous, free spirits have routines. Routines are simply automated habits layered on top of each other and performed in a specific sequence. Routines can be very helpful in keeping you on track toward your goals but problems can arise if you create routines based on bad habits.
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Call for eConnect Contributors

Women's Council is currently seeking members that are interested in contributing to eConnect for 2017. We invite national members to send us your best articles or ideas to newsletter@wcr.org for review.
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