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Leading Women - Elizabeth Mendenhall: A Leadership Force

Elizabeth Mendenhall, ABR, CRB, PMN CEO of RE/MAX Boone Realty in Columbia, Missouri and 2018 National Association of REALTORS® President, may have learned from the best—her father was the 2001 NAR president—but she says, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t hit some obstacles along the path to leadership. However, it’s because of the Women’s Council of REALTORS® that she was able to fail forward and pick herself up.
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New Data Finds Homeowners Struggle When Selling, Despite Hot Market - Sponsored Content

Skim any number of news articles on the U.S. housing market and chances are you’ll run across the phrases “low inventory,” “sellers’ market” and “strong demand.” This rings especially true in larger metropolitan areas where stories of bidding wars abound, leaving the impression that sellers in these markets simply list their homes, sit back and receive offers above the asking price. For much of the U.S., however, the data reveals a starker reality.
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Turn Off Distractions To Turn On Your Focus

What environment best enables you to focus? Do you require noise-cancelling headphones and a closed door, opera music playing softly, or a noisy coffee shop complete with glass clinking, elevator music, and loud chatter? However you focus best, it’s important you strive to create that environment whenever you work on your highest-value activities - the ones that will move your business forward, increase your profit potential, and require your utmost attention.
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Pre-Listing Home Inspections Benefit Everyone - Sponsored Content

You invest a great deal of time, money, and energy to market your listings, and of course you need to get a good return on that investment. Don’t be caught unaware of problems that could seriously undermine your dedicated efforts to sell a home, or that could keep a property from selling at its highest potential price. One of the best steps you can take to avoid this is to recommend a professional home inspection prior to listing.
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Good Health Leads to Peak Performance

Everyone in this world wants to perform at his or her best. Of course, performance can be related to your work-life, family-life or everything in between. But what truly makes a person successful? How does someone stand out from the crowd or get the competitive advantage to get ahead in this already competitive world?
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Proposed Dues Increase to Fund New Website, Database and New Strategic Initiatives

We are bringing forth a proposal to the Governing Board this May to raise the national dues by $14, which will raise the national portion of dues from $126 to $140 beginning 2019. This is the first proposed dues increase in 7 years.
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Get Your PMN Designation for Less! Save Time and Money with NEW Live Virtual Courses!

The PMN Fast Track is back! This time we're bringing the education to you through NEW live virtual classes. The 3-step process to earn your designation can now be completed in just three days all in the comfort of your home. Take advantage of this special limited time offer and save up to $225. It's quick, affordable and convenient.
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Midyear Meeting | Washington, DC

Ignite your business leadership skills at the Women’s Council Midyear Meeting, May 17-19 in Washington, DC. Come discover new approaches to grow your business while engaging with your Women’s Council community. All the action takes place at the Washington Hilton.
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National Conference Registration Opens May 2nd at Noon CST

Make plans to register for the Women's Council National Conference (in conjunction with the REALTORS® Conference & Expo) in Boston, MA. Come experience the energy of Women's Council through programs that inspire ideas and reveal new solutions to grow your network and business. The action takes place at the Women's Council headquarter hotel the Westin Boston Waterfront.
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Women's Council Representative to NAR Committees Opportunity -- Act Now

In last month's article, I outlined the Leadership Identification & Development process for Women's Council and the committee appointment process for NAR. You will want to go through both of the processes to be considered, and you have less than 30 days to act.
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