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San Diego County

As we focus on 2019, I’d like for us to join hands, and walk together in this NEW journey of being United as a whole group. Empowering Women to be strong professionals with integrity, character, kindness and business minded leaders.

As an EMPOWERING Leader, I’d like for you to take a look back at how far have you come? When you begin to ask yourself, what have I contributed in this life legacy. Well, I can surely say, YOU are living, breathing and making a difference right now! You will encounter G R O W T H in 2019. Get ready to learn how to be a POSITIVE Leader! Growing can be painful, you can take the journey along with many of us. Are you ready to G R O W? YES! 

Our TEAM is already working for you. We have plenty of Educational programs, and of course some fun ones too! In the background of us working for you, we are thrilled of the fabulous ideas we are putting in place for this EXCITING year of 2019. To really achieve our G O A L S… We need YOU. Take the challenge and let one of my TEAM members know you’d like to take part of this NEW journey with us.

What the vision is; that we GROW and begin to leave an imprint for others to see the SUCCESS in your everyday life. 

We also have several charities we will be working with. Giving back is vital in our communities. Have an idea? Let us know.

We all have strengths and we have weakness’ that need to be challenged with our business. That’s why we are here, to unite together and be strong and empowering leaders.

I’d be more than ready to assist you with how I can HELP you. Serving is my passion, but with that I give my all in everything I do.  

Monica Nash
San Diego County President

About Our Network's Events

Women’s Council of Realtors San Diego strives to give our members the very best in education, industry events, networking, and leadership training. Everything we do is has one of these elements, even though we may be having fun at the same time!  We also encourage every member to be involved in a large or small way, to allow their talents and gifts to be used!

We also network and have fun (which we are really good at). We host a Day at the Del Mar Races and a Padres Baseball Game with food and drinks to help you meet our members and network for new business and new strategies.

We do all of this to give your membership great value, and we offer our programs at the lowest possible cost to our members. The best way to maximize your membership is to become involved. We hope to see you at our monthly governing board meetings.

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