Santa Cruz

In 2019 our goal as a leadership team is to focus on some of the most basic and fundamental aspects of Women’s Council - Education, Leadership Skills and Mentoring. We want to provide value to our Members and Strategic Partners. We want to connect our local real estate community with each other, as well as with the Santa Cruz County community as a whole.

We want to educate our Members, Strategic Partners and many others in our LOCAL real estate community about what we can do to distinguish ourselves as a local resource, and more importantly, how to show our clients our worth. We hear campaigns all the time telling consumers to "Shop Local."  Why should this be any different when hiring a realtor or working with a lender or a painter? We want to focus on local-ism, and why it is so vital to our business.  It is so important that we band together as a community that supports one another, and work collaboratively to help educate ourselves so that we can better educate our clients, about the value of shopping local when they are buying or selling a home.

We have some amazing events planned for the year, and fantastic leaders within our community to make up the 2019 Board and Leadership Team. Each one of them offers strengths that I admire, I am so thrilled to have such an amazing group of individuals willing to help educate all of us!

Amber Melenudo

2019 President
Women's Council of Realtors
Santa Cruz 831-661-5591

Thinking of Joining?

If you're in the Real Estate industry we hope that you will consider joining our Network. By signing up and paying annual dues you will get regular updates about our activities as well as discounts to events year round. We also have several member-only events each year to provide additional value to our members for their commitment to  the Council. 

The Santa Cruz Network was chartered in 1962! Contact us today to find out how we can help you learn more about hot industry topics, build your network of industry contacts and grow your business. Contact Amber Melenudo, President, at 831-661-5591.