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Dear Members and Future Members,
It is such an honor and privilege to serve as the Jacksonville Network 2022 President.
The confidence, support and camaraderie that I have gained while being an active member of WCR Jacksonville is invaluable. I am thankful to have been encouraged and influenced by industry leaders throughout this journey.
One of our primary goals at the network is to provide our members with exceptional real estate related programs, referrals, a pathway to leadership and network of like-minded professionals. Women's Council is a dynamic, accessible and diverse network, linking each member to the tools, training and support to develop their individual leadership potential and business goals.
Thank you for becoming a member or considering membership, we truly value YOU!
Please feel free to reach out to myself or anyone on our leadership team. We will be glad to assist you. Thank you!
Warmest Regards,
Gerri Landrum
2022 President
Direct: 706.825.5399

Mission Statement: We are a network of successful REALTORS®, advancing women as business leaders in the industry and the communities we serve.

Benefits of Becoming a Member:

At Women’s Council, business leaders truly are made here.  The elite network’s proven success is demonstrated over 80 years by its supersized participation in the real estate industry, higher income levels, referrals, and business growth.  At the local level, 250 networks across the country provide world class events, training, and networking designed to position you as a business leader and to partner with you in your business success.     

Proven Pathways to Leadership

Women's Council has been integral in developing local, state and national leaders who serve on various prestigious positions contributing to the real estate industry, their communities and beyond. Opportunities exist to volunteer and develop leadership skills at all levels of the organization, enhancing your professional reputation and further honing skills that make involvement an integral part of developing personal and professional leadership. Over 10% of our members hold some type of leadership position in the organization, and getting involved maximizes your Women's Council experience and opens up doors in your business and real estate.

Business and Referrals

According to the last member survey, average commission income from Council member-to-member referrals is $15,000 annually, with over half of all members referring business to another member annually.  Women’s Council partnership with Radius provides you visibility among peers and the public, with links to listings, online referrals, a concierge service for out of area leads, lead generation, and local networking groups. Click here to learn more about Radius and its benefits designed to provide you business and referrals. This online benefit, coupled with 1,500 annual live programs annually, is the reason why the single largest benefit of membership according to the last survey is "membership means a high-level business leader who will follow through on client needs."  Leaders are not only created here – business leaders are created here ! 

Women's Council Savings Center

Women’s Council is pleased to offer you exclusive discounts on products, programs and services that can offer a return on dues investment several times over.  Current offers include exclusive savings for top quality products and services which includes some of the world’s most recognized brands. 
Exclusive “members only” discounts have been negotiated on your behalf, with suppliers recognizing the leadership, success, and purchasing power of Women’s Council members.  Visit our member benefits page here .  

Performance Management Network

As Women's Council's official REALTOR® designation, the Performance Management Network provides the real-world skills that you need to face an evolving market. Designed by some of real estate's best and brightest minds, our courses dig deep into the hot topics that are driving the market and shaping your business, including topics such as running a business, public speaking, negotiation, and business leadership. The network deepens skill sets even more, and the education experience and affiliation provides further networking, credibility and business leadership designed to foster and enhance your personal and professional growth.

Women's Council of Realtors offers scholarships for you to achieve and plan for that next designation. The scholarships may be used for any real estate industry educational offering in the area which enhances the productivity and professionalism of the member. Contact Paula Givler for additional details and information - Paula@allcountycpm.com

Any questions related to Membership. Please contact Betsy Waltrip, betsywaltrip@gmail.com

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Minimum Cost: $300.00.  2022 Sponsorships are now open - Please contact Janna Thomas, jannajthomas@yahoo.com or Elizabeth Wells, Elizabeth.wells@evusa.com

Get Involved - Interested in serving on a Committee or Project Team?  We are always looking for successful professional leaders to serve in our industry and community.  Come join our growing Network!  To sign up for a committee contact Gerri Landrum, Gerri.Landrum@gmail.com 

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