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I am so grateful for your trust and support as I take on the role of President of our network in 2023. I have been serving in the network for a few years now and the tap on the shoulder came last year. I couldn't say no. I love this organization and everything it stands for.
There is a sisterhood and bond that is immeasurable and very dear to my heart.
This year, we have selected a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and talented Real Estate professionals that are ready to bring more opportunities to our members AND our amazing Strategic Partners.  
We are going to start fresh in the new year and go back to basics. 
Our goal for 2023 is growing our membership, offering more opportunities for education and leadership and a strong emphasis on promoting our Strategic Partners. Be on the lookout for scholarships for education, experiences and opportunities to serve. 
Together we can make our Network shine and thrive in such a way that it will echo for years to come and it will make those who aren’t members or Strategic Partners yet WANT to join us!
As a woman of faith, let me share with you a verse that I will be hanging my hat on this year: 
“Where there is no guidance the people fall, But in abundance of counselors there is victory.”
Proverbs 11:14
"Leaders Made Here" goes hand in hand with this and is the perfect summary of our goal for 2023.
My ask for this year:
1. Invite your Realtor Friends to join
2. Give each Strategic Partner the opportunity to handle at least one transaction for you this year
3. Raise your hand to volunteer.
I look forward to a positive, productive and prosperous year with each of you.
With my sincerest gratitude,
Rachel McCoy
President 2023, Womens Council Of Realtor Manatee County





The Women's Council of REALTORS Manatee County Network leadership team is made up with the best in the industry. 

2023 Leadership Team

President: Rachel McCoy - (941) 681-0241

President Elect: Beth Beckert - (941) 720-3676

1st Vice President: Lily Lopez - (941) 586-0082

Treasurer: Sherri McNeely - (941)-730-1880

Director of Membership: Lisa Tarjanyi - (941) 447-7514

Director of Events: Melinda Sanchez- (941) 877-1778 

Parliamentarian - Marie Avery-Withers - (941) 725-0911

Realtors want more information about our Network? visit and click JOIN NOW or Email our President-Elect Beth Beckert at

Meet the Leadership Team