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Manatee County

Welcome to the year 2022! Let’s call it the year of Making Leaders!

This year we have some lofty goals, and we have a leadership team that is on fire. 

WCR Manatee is looking to provide more value to our members and rebrand our "Why?".

Let’s work together this year so people take notice of our network due to our growth and quality of events and presentations. 

When I first sat down with my new Governing Board at the 2021Leadership Summit, we talked about what defines a leader. I know it could be more fine-tuned, but this is what they came together as a group and created. Leader: Someone who inspires, empowers, motivates, and encourages a group of people with knowledge and integrity through example, education and mentorship so they can reach their goals and pass this on to others. 

That’s pretty special, and at this time I knew I was working with an exceptional group of ladies.

It’s 2022 and I am now your president for WCR Manatee. That still sounds a little crazy to me, that a man is the President of WCR Manatee. I know it happened in the past, but it was not on my set of long-term or short-term goals, and I hardly knew what WCR was about until a little over a year ago.

Now that I know the history and all the work that has been done in this organization for many years, I understand that developing our leaders is vitally important! How do I know this? Because there's an obvious need and together, we will make this our best year ever by Making a Difference. 

Tony Barrett 2022 President, Women's Council Of REALTORS Manatee County





The Women's Council of REALTORS Manatee Network leadership team is made up with the best in the industry. 

2022 Leadership Team

President - Tony Barrett - (941) 812-7983

President Elect - Rachel McCoy - (813) 245-2858

1st Vice President - Lily Lopez - (941) 586-0082

Treasurer - Sherri McNeely - (314) 315-2066

Director of Membership - Beth Beckert - (941) 720-3676

Director of Events - Cassie Yeager - (941) 504-1941

Past President (2020-2021) Elise Jakub - (941) 799-9339

Past President (2019) Sherry Grooms - (941) 705-2438


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