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Greater Triangle

I am so honored to be your 2022 President for Women's Council of Realtors. In spite of all the things that have happened last a few years, I am looking forward to make some changes and make our Council shine more than ever!

In 2022, we are looking to build our membership and strategic partner program while keeping focused on our goal of advancing our members (men and women) as business leaders.   

We will bring PMN Designation (the Best WCR Designation) to our association with giving special discount to members (on top of all the great discounts WCR provides) to make sure our members be on top of their real estate education.

A core value of Women's Council is giving back to our communities through financial support and raising awareness of worthy endeavors.  We will be involved in charities in our community for 2022 .

The mission statement of Women's Council of Realtors is "We are a network of successful REALTORS®, advancing women as business leaders in the industry and in the communities we serve."  It is important to remember what our purpose is and to keep focused on the goals ahead.  It is our responsibility to continue the journey that was started many years ago. 

I am always reminded that it takes a village… I am so lucky to have a strong and dedicated team this year. We also recognize the other truly talented and dedicated members who will be serving beside us this year. I encourage all of our members to get involved and help us to execute all our goals.

Our mission is to provide an environment that supports and encourages growth and leadership and create mentorship program. We are here to lend a helping hand in the wellness and success of our members.

We are excited for 2022 and are open to any and all ideas our members have. Please feel free to reach out to me or any of our board or leadership member to ask how you can become more involved, inquiries about upcoming events, national conferences, leadership opportunities, and mentorship roles.

We are here to make our WCR valuable and informative space for all. You will always have a chair next to us at our table!

Let’s collaborate and celebrate together and make 2022 the best year every for all of us!




With Gratitude,

Fara Pourshariati


2022 Women’s Council of REALTORS® Greater Triangle President

Our Long Term Goals:

-To be the source of education and business tools focused on the needs of women REALTOR® entrepreneurs at all stages of development.
-To be a dynamic, accessible network, linking resources and member expertise to drive business success.
-To build, support and promote strong leaders for the industry and the broader community who are advocates for property rights and homeownership.
-To be the voice for the achievement and impact of women in real estate.
-To be sought after as a partner with other organizations to advance common objectives.
-To be a network of strong chapters that consistently deliver value and provide a collaborative, trusted, welcoming environment in which members can achieve their business goals.
-To be a magnet for career-focused REALTORS® with diverse backgrounds and a high level of professionalism.
-To be a strong organization with the resources and infrastructure necessary to fulfill our mission and realize our vision.

Upcoming Events

June Monthly Meeting & Member Orientation

July Monthly Meeting + Member Orientation (VIRTUAL)

August Monthly Meeting + Member Orientation