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The application period is now closed. The application period will open in the early fall of 2023. Any questions about this program should be directed to jflores@wcr.org.

2022 Certified Networks

2021/2022 Certified Networks

Network Certification Program

Women’s Council Network certification recognizes and rewards the most active local and state networks that achieve five key benchmarks of network excellence and exceeds basic charter requirements per its national affiliation and provides outstanding member service.

WHO is Eligible to Apply:
All Networks in good standing are encouraged to apply. The current President of the network must submit the application.

The application period will open in late summer/early fall of 2023.

Networks will fill out an application, which serves as a self-assessment tool to determine whether the network is meeting (and exceeding) basic benchmarks that adhere to both the network model and completion of tasks and achievements that meet and exceed standards. It is recommended that networks begin the certification process early in the year and meet benchmarks by the application submission period (August to October), which provides a 7-month window to achieve benchmarks. 

Watch our training videos:

Network Certification Roll Out - Local 

Network Certification Roll Out - State (Part 1)

Network Certification Roll Out - State (Part 2)

Participating certified Networks are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Recognition at the awards ceremony at National Conference in November.
  • Acknowledgment on wcr.org and noted as a certified Network.
  • Press release created by National for Network distribution to media outlets.

These sample applications will give you an idea of the process. Please wait for the 2023-24 prep worksheet and application before filling out these forms.

Local Network Certification Prep Worksheet           State Network Certification Prep Worksheet

Do not submit the PDF Prep Worksheet (navy button), this is for your use only. You must submit your application via the peach button above. We recommend filling out the PDF first and saving it; when you submit the actual application you will need to fill it out in its entirety in one sitting, it will not save during the process.

It is National’s goal to assist you in achieving certification. Staff is on hand to assist. The key staff person to contact is Jaclyn Flores, jflores@wcr.org.