A Preventative Approach to Winter Wellness

by Carollyn Mushro

When you think about keeping your body in a state of wellness, do you have a preventative or a reactive mindset? Much of what we have learned in traditional Western culture teaches us to react only when we feel unwell, but holistic practitioners know that preventative, daily actions are the secret sauce! Let’s chat about a few ways you can learn to take consistent steps to keep yourself above the wellness line.

First, we want to make sure our bodies are clear of any excess debris or clutter that could “clog up” your body systems. There is a good reason that we hear so much about detoxing-- when our bodies are littered with toxins, the body’s primary focus is to get rid of them. It becomes so occupied trying to “clean the house” that it can’t even recognize when a foreign invader (like bacteria or a virus) has rung the doorbell! 

Here are a few ideas to help our lymphatic system take the toxic trash to the curb more effectively:

Dry Brushing-- this works by exfoliating the skin and stimulating the lymph system so toxins can more easily exit the body through our body’s largest detox pathway! Dry brushing stimulates the organs, supports lymphatic flow and has all kinds of other benefits. 

Water & Lemon-- drink half your body weight in ounces daily. Not only is proper hydration essential for detoxification, but it is also important for optimal digestion, circulation & energy. Adding some fresh lemon aids in the detox process by helping to keep the body in an alkaline state...plus it is super yummy!

Laughter & Deep Breathing-- while we might not consider these to be wellness practices, they certainly are! These simple techniques are stress-reducing and important for giving our respiratory & lymphatic systems a boost. Check out some of your favorite comedians on a streaming service. Google “Wim Hof videos” to get some tips on vital breathing. Meditating with a breath focus or practicing yoga qualifies, too!

Finally, it is important that we not only help our bodies detox but also that we nourish them properly to maintain a state of wellness. Some easy ways to do this include eating clean foods, taking quality supplements, getting proper sleep, exercising, and even by practicing gratitude in our lives. It is literally impossible to feel any other emotion when we have an attitude of gratitude in our hearts! For that reason, the simple act of keeping a gratitude journal has the potential to reduce stress and allow us to focus on the blessings of our lives.

These practices, while simple in theory, aren’t always as easy to put into daily practice. Consistency is key in creating new habits...so choose one new wellness habit at a time to incorporate into your life. Before long, you won’t even recognize your "old you" because you will be feeling so good!

About the Contributor

Carollyn is a wellness enthusiast living in the Chicago burbs with her husband and two children.
She loves inspiring families to find their own healthy journey through holistic modalities.
She loves kombucha, travel, and questioning the status quo.
You can find her on IG: @carollyn.mushro