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Leadership Pathways

Women's Council is a leadership organization, and as part of our mission, we are structured to provide you, the member, with leadership opportunities that enrich both our organization and you as a leader.

Whether a task force, governing board or assisting in running an election, opportunities abound for your involvement.

Please review the overall process by reading our article on becoming a national leader.

Leadership Identification & Development

Action Months: March - May

Process for LID volunteer applicants: You will begin by filling out the volunteer application. Depending on which local Network you belong to, this will then go to your state leadership along with National Staff.

Process for LID Committee: Visit state information & forms for more information on the application guidelines.

Appointments will be made starting this summer for 2024. Opportunities include (but are not limited to): Social media influencers, meeting ambassadors, trade show booth volunteers, inspiration/pledge speakers at national meetings, election volunteers, project teams, finance & budget committee, and Network 360 Leadership Conference faculty. Other leadership opportunities will arise as well, so participating in the process raises your volunteer leadership profile. 

Guidelines and information for LID volunteer applicants:

  • Check with your State Network for their 2024 application deadline.
  • Members must submit applications by May 31st. State must review and submit recommendations to National by June 30th. 

Please do not simply list all the organizational positions you have held.

Please do include the skills you have and the results that you have achieved. Be sure to include skills that you want to learn or build on.

Mastermind Groups

Action Months: Year-Round

We seek to gather like-minded professionals and to further advance women as business leaders in the industry and in the communities we serve with three distinct specialty groups: Global, Commercial, Broker/Owner & Business Building.

Click here to learn more and apply. 

Leadership Institute

Action Months: June - July

While many organizations have Leadership Institutes and Academies, Women’s Council leadership’s 80+ year track record and proven system in creating leaders is considered the gold standard in the industry. The Leadership Institute develops leaders who have demonstrated leadership potential through their local and state network, with the goal of creating a network of industry experts across the country who are actively involved in improving our Council. Click here to learn more.

Questions? Contact the Membership Department at 800-285-2955 or email wcr@wcr.org.