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Below are the most commonly asked FAQs from our leaders around the country. 

How do I access Membership Lists for my network?
The Network Builder allows you to pull rosters, which are updated in real-time and can be pulled from your Women’s Council account. Only approved and current state and local network leaders have access to the Network Builder.
To access the Network Builder, log in to your Women’s Council profile and click on “My Account”, then click Network Builder (or go directly to to access your profile). From here, click View for your network and you will be taken to the first tab of the Network Builder, which is the Active Members report.

How can I track and manage membership renewal for my state or local Network?
Billhighway is a billing tool that provides an accessible and easier financial solution for receiving dues from National and additional spend management tools.

What if I need Billhighway Support?
If you are looking for Billhighway support, you can reach out by phone at 866-245-5499 or email  You can also attend weekly trainings for our leaders. Register to attend a session to learn how to navigate the site. Select a Zoom link below for the time that works best for you to attend.

Mondays 9:00 AM CT         Wednesdays 2:00 PM CT

Billhighway: I would like to know to which members Billhighway payments are linked.
If you are having trouble finding out which members have sent which payments, the following steps will help you pull your Network Billhighway Transaction Reports:
-Log into Billhighway (you will need login credentials)
-Go to “Reports” -> “Transaction Reports” -> External Group Distributions – Detail”
-Click Submit
You will be able to download the file with amounts by member name.

How do I report newly elected or appointed officers?
All Officers appointed or elected to Governing positions for their networks must be active members for the year they are serving. Throughout the year, if you have new officers or if you have to amend the officers, an updated form must be filled out and submitted. To submit a change, simply use the Local Officer Reporting Form or the  State Officer Reporting Form. Additionally, each new officer must submit a Consent to Serve form to the network.

How do we make sure our officer photos are shown on the Network Microsite?
Officer photos are automatically pulled from member profiles. All photos must be uploaded to their profile in the correct size (150 x 150) to appear on the microsite. Photos can be resized on or Both sites are free to use. If using Canva, simply add the photo, then click “Magic Resize” on the top left of the navigation bar and select “Custom Resize”. Then enter the new dimensions of 150x150.

How can I edit my Network Microsite?
Please view the Microsite Training Video to learn how to add the President's message, how to add events, upload videos, upload documents, and how to add Strategic Partner logos.

 How do I find a membership renewal invoice in my Women’s Council account?
You can find your membership renewal invoice by logging in to your Women’s Council account.
-Click on “My Account”.
-Select Invoices on the left side of the page.
-Then in Invoices, you will be able to process your payment directly on the site.
Please see the Video Tutorial on how to find your invoice.

How do I find information if I am interested in starting a new network locally or in my state?
To find out more information on how to do this, please contact Jamie Saltman at She will provide you with the information you need to know and the requirements on how to start a new network.

Where do I find the Network Certification Logo/Badge for 2023?
The 2023 Certified Networks are posted on the Network Certification page at  and if you are looking to include the logo/badge onto your signature or would like to post to your social media channels, click to download here.

Who is my direct leadership communication line?
If you are a State Leader, make sure you are communicating with your National Liaison on a regular basis. Your National Liaison is a direct conduit to National information and policies.

If you are a Local Leader, in a State with a State Network, make sure you are communicating with the State Leadership Team (or District Vice President where applicable).

If you are a Local Leader in a State without a State Network, you may have a State Liaison who will be your direct connection.

If you are a Local Leader in a State without a State Network or a State Liaison, you will be working directly with your National Liaison.

What is the best way to keep our network connected to National Information?
Network Leaders Facebook Page
YouTube Channel
Roadmap Newsletter Archive (delivered to leadership teams via email)
Council Corner Archive (delivered to all members' inboxes on the first & third Wednesday of the month)
Other Women’s Council Social Media accounts

Remember the importance of timely updates for your network. Get the latest updates in our Roadmap for Network Leaders emails. This is distributed via email as needed and is always your best source of information on Council happenings, events, deadlines, governance, renewals, and much more. Please read these to stay up to date on the latest information – everything from bylaws changes to deadlines for things like LID submissions. It's strongly recommended that you save to your email contacts to you ensure you don’t miss anything!