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Introduction to Mastermind Groups

Women’s Council is excited to launch mastermind groups!  A member service and benefit, we seek to gather like-minded professionals and to further advance women as business leaders in the industry and in the communities we serve with distinct specialty groups.  

What are Mastermind Groups? 

They are virtual communities and networks of Women’s Council members who share a passion for real estate specialties and gather to network, share ideas, and do business.  There are four mastermind groups as follows:

Global Mastermind: this group will explore opportunities in international real estate (inbound and outbound), explore issues related to the topic, and is a like-minded group of global professionals who share a passion for the international marketplace and wish to connect nationally and internationally.  

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Co-Chairs: Alicia Matheson & Peggie Pentecost   
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Commercial Mastermind: this group will explore commercial real estate topics and is good for residential practitioners active in this market or members wishing to break in.  Members will share tips, explore topics, and better understand this specialty and how to make it an integral part of your business plan.

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Co-Chairs: Will Klein & Sabrina Walters
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Broker/Owner Mastermind: this group targets brokers and owners and will be an exchange of ideas and a peer-to-peer group of fellow mentors and your built-in support system within the Women’s Council community. 


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Co-Chairs: Windy Bailey & Kama Burton
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Business Building Mastermind: this group targets any member wishing to grow their real estate business and share ideas with a peer-to-peer group of fellow mentors and your built-in support system within the Women’s Council community.  

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Co-Chairs: Alison Socha and Shannon Watkins
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Who Can Participate? 

This opportunity is open to any national member in good standing.  There are neither additional prerequisites nor fees involved.  Participation is voluntary and members can sign up (or end involvement) as they see fit.  Passive involvement would entail simply attending and listening.  Active involvement could entail assisting with program development.  Your involvement level is up to you.  

When and Where Will These Groups Meet? 

Meetings will be virtual and are organized and spearheaded by the appointed Chairs, and are envisioned to be on a monthly basis (ex, 1 hour per month). Live meetings with face-to-face interactions are envisioned to take place at national meetings in May and November.  By signing up for the groups, you will receive invitations to participate. Your commitment can be active or passive.

Why Were These Created? 

The global pandemic has enabled virtual networks to connect and further the member experience.  Note, it’s a secondary “mini-network” experience, intended to be a supplement to the local network experience that members are already part of. The impetus for creating these was to offer more member value. 

How Do I Enroll?

Please choose your mastermind, click the sign up button, login, and then click "Join".