A Guide to Earning Your PMN this Summer

By becoming a PMN designee, you'll show your clients that you are committed to ongoing education and professional excellence, and you'll show your colleagues that you understand and value the importance of a powerful network of business connections. 

Follow the steps below to earn your PMN Designation today!

1. Apply for the Performance Management Network (PMN) designation.

PMN Application

2. Choose & complete your education requirements through our many options. 

OPTION A. Complete 3 traditional PMN Courses. 

OPTION B. Get creative with Approved Education + Hiveologie + PMN courses. 

OPTION C. Complete the Diversity Bundle OR ABR Designation course + 2 PMN courses.

Scroll through the Course Calendar webpage to view all of your education options!

3. Choose & complete a track:

Business Referrals Track: Click here to download our Business Referrals tracking form

Business Leadership Track: Click here to download our Leadership Tracking form.