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(For California, Florida and Texas State Networks, Click here to report your 2020 State Leaders)

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State Annual Report is to be completed and submitted online using this link.  Report is due no later than January 31, 2020.

State Network Model Bylaws 

Please contact the national office at wcr@wcr.org to request a copy of your State Network Bylaws. 

What are State Leaders and Committees supposed to do?

2019 Important Dates & Deadlines

State Network Purpose and Roles    

State Leadership Position Descriptions, Responsibilities  
State Orientation Sample Agenda and Chapter to Network Transition PowerPoint Presention  
State Orientation Roundtable Example for Vice Presidents of Membership.  
Checklist for Success    
Organization Timetable for the President    
How to Charter a Local Network (email rmiller@wcr.org to request a charter kit.)
Charter Presentation Ceremony    


And Procedures for State networks Not Meeting Standards    

National, State or Regional Leader Invitation: Use this fill-in form to invite a national Leader to your network. 
Member of the Year Award Guidelines

As a State Leader, I Need to Learn More About ...

Check out our Network Training Videos here. You'll find out how other networks are using our Network tools to market their local programs and events. And increase their membership!!

The latest National, Regional and local Programs & Events!

Important Dates & Deadlines
Sample Budgets
State Standards
Insurance, Taxes & Legal Issues
Strategic Plan
Local Network Entrepreneur of the Year form

Leadership Identification and Development Committee

Information on Volunteer Application Process and Committee Guidelines

Leadership Identification & Development Webinar:
Your Networks Guide to Finding Tomorrows Leaders

Event Recognition Awards Guidelines and submission form

Local Event Recognition Guidelines

Communicate the Value of the Council & Marketing to Members and Prospects

Key Messages
Women's Council Branding Guide
Communicating Council Value Powerpoint
Women's Council 5-minute promotional video and 1.5-minute video for you to view and share at your meetings.