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#LeadersMadeHere - The Ripple Effect

For the last year (or more) our dedicated volunteer leaders have been gathering our  #LeadersMadeHere quotes and stories to share on our social media pages weekly. Your words have been moving. Your stories have been uplifting. Your leadership journeys have been encouraging! Thank you for sharing your leadership narrative with us and allowing us to peek into your success.

The ripple effect has been that other networks and individuals are now compiling similar quotes and stories to share! We've created a list of quotes below and hope this encourages all of our networks to start the conversation with their members about their leadership journey. You never know who you might inspire along the way.


Peggie Pentecost, PMN (TX) 

I went to my first Women's Council meeting to see a speaker I was interested in and I found the meeting informative and well attended. I was so impressed by that meeting, I joined the organization. Why Women's Council? It's where you become informed, educated. We teach you how to do what you do better and it bleeds into the rest of your life--your business, your personal life, your community. 

Monica Cerrone, PMN (GA)

The satisfying aspect of Women's Council, for me, is the opportunity to work in a leadership position with many people on so many levels. It allows me to hone leadership skills that I'm not going to get elsewhere. And it preps me for future leadership positions. This is an organization of sharing, a desire to build, to bring someone else up behind you. We are building a bigger and bigger house.

Eileen Oldroyd, PMN (CA)

Women's Council is a unique organization that allows you to apply your leadership training. The spirit of Women's Council ensures that you can find positive, constructive criticism and they'll support you in whatever journey you choose. If you are willing to do the hard work, they have the tools to move your leadership skills to the next level. 

Kylee Garza (TX)

Women's Council has given me the courage and knowledge I need to move forward and grow in my career as well as in the Real Estate Profession. I am thankful for the women who have paved the way before me and are still there to encourage myself, and others to grow along our leadership path.
Quote compiled by Kerri Hartnett, PMN

Lindsey Culver, PMN (OR)

I was personally asked to join Women's Council as a brand new agent and was immediately welcomed with open arms. I have learned how to build a strong productive business by attending local and national meetings and also created long-lasting friendships. I am forever grateful I listened to my heart and leaped out of my comfort zone!
Quote compiled by Kerri Hartnett, PMN

Cheri Daniels, PMN (WA)

The Women's Council of REALTORS® has afforded me the good fortune of meeting fabulous, intelligent, inspirational women leaders who have invested their time and talents making me a better leader and person. I am eternally grateful for the many friendships that I have developed. It also brings me great joy to help others realize their potential and grow into leaders themselves through the opportunities the Council provides. Fellow Women's Council members have been such a blessing to me over the years! #leadersmadehere
Quote compiled by Kerri Hartnett, PMN

Chelsea Hough (ID)

"Your business grows to the extent that you do” is my favorite quote and the reason that I am a part of Women's Council. In the beginning, it was because I was asked to join and through time it has been one of the best places I’ve found to safely expand and grow who I am and my leadership skills!!
Quote compiled by Kerri Hartnett, PMN

Sherri Meadows, PMN (FL)

Women’s Council is my foundation. Through my membership, I learned meeting management, financial spreadsheets, strategic planning, marketing and fundraising, technology, team building, and the value of nurturing connections and networking. But the Council also taught me “There’s no place like home”. The Council is an intimate environment that surrounds and supports you with encouragement and inspiration to help you become the best version of yourself possible using your heart, brains, and courage!
Quote compiled by Kerri Hartnett, PMN

Sam Powell, PMN (IL)

Because of the opportunities that Women’s Council has offered me to grow professionally and personally, I am able to translate that into a business model on speaking and​ ​mentoring/training/coaching my peers around the country. It’s such an amazing feeling to help someone in the business succeed because of a lesson you have learned and are willing to share.
Quote compiled by Kerri Hartnett, PMN

Traci Fuller, PMN (GA) 

The Women's Council of REALTORS® has been most instrumental in my business through building relationships with other REALTORS® and affiliates. Real estate can be intimidating as a new REALTOR®. When you're a member of the Women's Council you are part of a caring family and never alone.
Quote compiled by Women's Council Georgia

Jenitha Moore (GA)

A quote I find applicable to Women's Council of REALTORS® Dekalb is 'many hands make light work' - John Heywood. The leaders on all levels work purposely together for successful outcomes. 
Quote compiled by Women's Council Georgia

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