Dues renewals were sent to all members over the weekend of December 14-15. Please double check your invoice for accuracy. Thank you for your continued investment in membership. Click to view your Member Benefits.

Local Information and Forms

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2020 Leadership Policy & Procedure Manual

Report 2020 Local Network Leaders

Microsite Training for Administrators
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Women's Council of REALTORS® National Dues = $140

2020 Membership Brochure & Application

Click here to submit your 2019 Fourth Quarter Report

All reporting is done electronically and on a quarterly basis. The link for the Quarterly Report is emailed to the local network President.

National and Regional Events.

The Network Operating Model is structured as a set of minimum standards that all Networks follow in key operating areas to ensure a baseline of member value and experience, and the integrity of the Women’s Council brand. Network leaders are free to operate above these standards based on the needs and desires of members, but must at a minimum meet each standard as a baseline of operation.

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Network Model Governance System
Programming, Strategic Partnerships, Branding & Industry Relations
Network Model Operations Planner (Business Plan)

Member Programs and Services

Strategic Partners

Governance Structure and Systems

Branding and Communications

Please visit all branding, marketing, and communications resources under the brand assets link

Dues renewals were sent to all members over the weekend of December 14 & 15. We are asking members to please double-check their invoices for accuracy and to get in touch with National at wcr@wcr.org if you see errors or duplicate charges. We appreciate your patience.
enewal season officially goes until March 31, 2020. 

  1. How can I pay?
    • Online: You can pay online via a unique link that was emailed with your renewal notice. If you have not set up a password on wcr.org, a “forgot password” link will enable you to set up a password. 

    • By check: Checks can be made out to Women’s Council of Realtors® or WCR – the mailing address is 430 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611.

    • By phone: The dues hotline is 1-800-245-8512. If you call in off-hours, staff will return messages within 24-hours.

    • Renewal Application: A short form-fill PDF is available online

  2. Dues amounts: $140 national dues, plus local dues and, if applicable, state and PMN dues.

  3. National renewal efforts. Mailed invoices will be sent out in January and February.  A second electronic notice will be deployed in early January.  

  4. Renewal tools for you to use:

  5. Renewal contests. Women's Council has streamlined its recruitment and retention awards and added new awards categories that recognize excellence in networks from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective. Contest entry opens up in January. Click here for full contest details and instructions on participation.

Insurance, Taxes, and Legal Issues

As a Local Network leader, I need to learn more about ...

Network bylaws: Located here under your Network's documents

Local Network Sample Budgets
Sample Standing Rules
Entrepreneur of the Year form and guidelines
Member of the Year Form
National, State or Regional leader Invitation: Use this fill-in form to invite a national officer to your network.