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2021 Archives

Edition 30- 2021
Recap: Network Certification Next Steps, Roster Fix, Not Yet Renewed Reports, Expired Member Request Form, October Dates to Know

Edition 29- 2021

Recap: Reminder of Fall Deadlines and Events by Date

Edition 28- 2021
Recap: Fall Deadlines and Events by Date

Edition 27- 2021
Recap: Officer Reporting Open, Passing the Baton: Part 2, Deadlines & Dates to Know

Edition 26- 2021
Recap: New Member Nudge, Network Certification Program, This Week's Virtual Events

Edition 25- 2021
Recap: New Member Nudge, Network Certification Program, Dues Change Deadline, Passing the Baton Workshop, Important Bylaws Changes Go Into Effect

Edition 24- 2021
Recap: New Member Nudge

Edition 23- 2021
Recap: Local & State Bylaws to be Updated, Network Checks Sent

Edition 22- 2021
Recap: Grant Winners, New Network Certification Program, National Conference

Edition 21- 2021
Recap: Last Day to Register for Network 360, National Conference Registration Open, New Benefit Partners, Phishing Scams Aimed at Leaders

Edition 20- 2021
Recap: Scheduled Website Maintenance, Network 360 Open to Observers, The Opportunity Report, Special Message from Pamela Banks

Edition 19- 2021
Recap: Last Call for Leadership Institute Applicants, Network 360 Opens to Observers, Come Back Campaign Ending, Recruitment Tools for Networks, PMN Renewals are Coming

Edition 18- 2021
Recap: How to Offer a PMN Course, The PMN Designation

Edition 17- 2021
Recap: Come Back Campaign, Supporting Women of Real Estate Grant Application Extension, Leadership Institute Applications Open, Register for Network 360 and National Conference

Edition 16- 2021
Recap: June Dates to Remember, Come Back Campaign, Building that Contagious Culture, Podcasts

Edition 15- 2021
Recap: Mastermind Groups, Come Back Campaign Intro, Clubhouse, Asian American and Pacific Islander program, Dates to Remember

Edition 14- 2021
Recap: Summer deadlines and programs to apply for.

Edition 13- 2021
Recap: Flash Memo with deadlines.

Edition 12- 2021
Recap: Supporting Women of Real Estate Grant Application Details, Midyear Meeting Voting Delegate Deadline, Update on National Meetings, New Member Recruitment Tools, PMN Golden Ticket, LID Process

Edition 11- 2021
Recap: Network 360, Realtor Association Collaborations, State Election Procedures, Proxy Votes at Midyear Meeting, LID Process, 'Coffee and Check-in' with Pamela Banks via Zoom

Edition 10- 2021
Recap: Drop Date Quickly Approaching, Midyear Registration Opening, Standing Rules Updates, 2022 Leadership Opportunities

Edition 9- 2021
Recap: Radius, Planned Website Maintenance, Network Checks, Network Certification Recordings

Edition 8- 2021
Recap: Drop Date Reminder, New Member Benefits, Don't Miss Local Events in February, Affiliation Agreement Reminder, Midyear Dates, PMN Renewal Info

Edition 7- 2021
Flash Memo: Microsite Leaders Updates

Edition 6- 2021
Recap: Midyear Dates Announced, PMN Dues Info, Recruitment & Retention Tools and Badge

Edition 5- 2021
Recap: 60 days until member drop, New Network Certification Program, Update on 2021 Microsite Officers

Edition 4 - 2021
Recap: Upcoming Important Events, New Network Certification Program, Renewal Tools for Networks

Edition 3 - 2021
Recap: Flash Memo: Rosters & Not-Yet-Renewed Reports are Fully Functional, Retention & Recruitment Webinars

Edition 2 - 2021
Recap: Flash Memo: Microsite Updates, New Year Kickoff Recordings, Retention & Recruitment Webinars

Edition 1 - 2021
Recap: Flash Memo: New Year Update for Leaders: Microsite Access and Reporting Functions