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Edition 1-2020
Recap: resource center, admin access tips, renewals

Edition 2-2020
Recap: renewals, officer reporting, admin access training video, future timelines

Edition 3-2020
Recap: renewals, microsite tips, Midyear registration, network checks, state leader info

Edition 4-2020
Recap: renewals, microsite tips, midyear elections info, Supporting Women in Real Estate grant program, PMN course information

Edition 5-2020 
Recap: renewals, not yet renewed reports, renewal email template, #LeadersMadeHere awards

Edition 6-2020

Recap: renewals, onboarding new members, Leadership Identification and Development

Edition 7-2020
Recap: online education opportunities, Leadership Identification and Development, renewal tools, PMN course offerings

Edition 8-2020
Recap: Coronavirus information

Edition 9-2020
Recap: Social Distancing Tool Kit

Edition 10-2020
Recap: Virtual Events, Renewal Update

Edition 11-2020
Recap: Virtual Events, Renewal Update, Electronic Voting, Midyear Going Virtual, Podcasts

Special Renewal Communication
Recap: Special Renewal Communication

Edition 12-2020
Recap: Renewal Extension, Virtual Events, eBrochures on Microsites

Edition 13-2020
Recap: Virtual Events, Scam Emails, YouTube Leadership Library

Edition 14-2020
Recap: Midyear Meeting: At Home Edition, Leaders Visiting Virtual Meetings, LID, Affiliation Agreements

Edition 15-2020
Recap: Network 360 Hybrid Format, June 1 Deadlines, PMN Dues 

Edition 16-2020
Recap: Women's Council Call to Action, One Minute, Network 360, Leaders Visiting Virtual Events

Edition 17-2020
Recap: Recruitment Tools & New Member Resources, Leaders Visiting Virtual Events

Edition 18-2020
Recap: Recruitment Tools, Electronic Voting, Network 360, Call to Action

Edition 19-2020
Recap: Recruitment Tools, Couch Chats, Network 360, PMN Express Pass

Edition 20-2020
Recap: New Member Recruitment Tools Edition

Edition 21-2020
Recap: Power Week Reminder, Upcoming Events, Leadership Badges, Network 360 Archives

Edition 22-2020
Recap: Upcoming Deadlines, YouTube Playlist, Power Week Reminder

Edition 23-2020
Recap: Power Week Reminder, New & Expired Member Campaigns

Edition 24-2020
Recap: 2021 Dues Renewals and Incentives

Edition 25-2020
Recap: Power Week Recap, Renewal Incentive, Affiliation Agreements & Leadership Reporting, Microsite Admin Certification Training, Network 360 Year Round Reminder

Edition 26-2020
Recap: Renewal Incentive Reminder, Affiliation Agreements & Leadership Reporting, Microsite Admin Certification Training, New Member Sprint