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Bylaws Task Force – Recommended Changes for Consistency and Bringing In Line With Current Realities

We appreciate your attention to the proposed Bylaws changes. Many of these updates are a matter of clean-up and creating consistencies among our national, local and state networks. 

Want to Get More Done? 

While you can’t make real estate a consistent and predictable business, you can take steps to rein in and harness the daily chaos.  The key to your sanity lies in operational excellence. 


Experiences of the Experienced

Recently we talked with Jana Walchle and Cheryl Eskridge—two members with twenty-plus years of experience with Women’s Council—about memories, why they joined Women’s Council, and why they stay.

Phishing Scams Aimed at Women's Council Members

To help facilitate referrals, Women’s Council maintains an “open” network; that is, full contact information is displayed for all members on a public site. Anyone can find you and, generally, that’s a good thing…but not always.

Easy Ideas for Reaching Your Fitness Goals While Enjoying the Outdoors

Spring is officially upon us which usually means we have easier access to the outdoors. It also means that most of us are more motivated to get out into the sunshine & fresh air!

Be the Solution

Even though the news media may report economic uncertainty, business is still being done, especially in real estate, because people need housing. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity to have a roof over your head. So as an astute real estate professional, pay attention to how people’s circumstances are changing, stay ahead of the curve on where those opportunities are and constantly educate yourself accordingly.

Asbestos: Is It Always a Problem?

Asbestos exposure can have many possible sources throughout the home. For years, asbestos was widely used in various building materials such as wall and ceiling insulation, vinyl flooring, insulation for heating ducts, pipe wrap for water heating systems, roof tiles, acoustic ceiling tiles, and much more. While the use of asbestos in these products has been dramatically reduced, materials containing it are still present in thousands of homes, especially those built before 1980.

Get to Know FIABCI

FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation, is the world’s leading international real estate organization devoted to all real estate specialties and activities. With chapters in over 70 counties that are spread over five continents, FIABCI provides direct access to international real estate contacts and international business opportunities.

Midyear Meeting Goes Virtual

Registration is open for the Midyear Meeting (Virtual Event) on May 5 - 7, 2021. We invite you to explore, gain new insights and develop new perspectives to put you in the right mind space to navigate your future. During our virtual conference, you’ll learn how to strengthen your network, become more competitive in your business, increase productivity in your daily routine while making new connections through our intentional networking programs. It’s time to get future focused! 

PMN Golden Ticket

This is your chance to take advantage of this special, limited one-time offer to complete the designation with just three PMN courses plus submission of your application and fee.


Women's Council Wednesday

Join your 2021 National Leadership Team on the first Wednesday of every month at Noon Central on Facebook Live as we discuss topics that are important to Women's Council, leadership development and business planning!

Women's Council Members Saving Center

We are excited to announce additional discounts from NEW PREMIER SUPPLIERS! These offers have been carefully selected to provide best-in-class services/products. ***New Suppliers*** Home Depot, Adobe, Ace Hardware, Constant Contact, Simple Texting.

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Upcoming Events

Anaheim, CA |

National Conference

Join Women’s Council at the Westin Anaheim Resort from November 12-16 for the 2023 National Conference. Don’t miss out as your Women's Council community gathers and discovers opportunities that await in the year ahead. The Conference is held in conjunction with the 2023 NAR NXT, THE REALTOR® EXPERIENCE.

Anaheim, CA | Nov. 14, 2023

Inaugural Gala

Join Women’s Council for the installation of 2024 National President, Kerri Hartnett, PMN, and the national leadership team. Ticket includes dinner, program and 80's dance party immediately following.