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National Leadership Opportunities for 2025

We are in the second year of a credentialing system, similar to what local networks are doing and other organizations such as the National Association of Realtors®. We encourage all interested members to review the full Candidate Credentialing & Campaign Rules Policy posted below.


WHEN interested candidates would need to act

From March to May 31st, applications are accepted for potential candidates. Anyone interested in running for national office should review the guide and application at the bottom of this article.  

WHAT national officer positions are available

Available one-year term positions include President-elect, First Vice President, Treasurer, and a National Liaison to represent each of the three geographical regions. Here is a short description of each position:

  • National Liaisons oversee the work of the Women’s Council in their respective regions (West, Central, East) and act as the representative of the President in such matters as may be assigned to them. The role is highly visible to leaders and members, and they are an integral part of the national leadership at Women's Council. 

  • The Treasurer shall submit the annual budget to the Governing Board for its approval. The Treasurer shall make the annual budget available to the National Association upon request. The Treasurer shall serve as chairperson of the Finance and Budget Committee and shall review financial matters of the Women’s Council monthly. The Treasurer shall report on the financial affairs of the Women’s Council to the Executive Committee and the Governing Board.

  • The First Vice President approves the records and performs other such duties as are customary to the office, including acting as secretary for the Governing Board and the Executive Committee, when necessary.

  • The President-elect shall perform the duties of the President in the event of the President’s disability or absence.  This position automatically moves up to President.  
Do positions automatically “move up” to another level?

The President-elect automatically moves up to President. No other position automatically “moves up” per the national bylawsAny candidate who wishes to run for First Vice President or President-elect and is not following the typical progression needs to understand that the race will almost certainly be challenged by an incumbent. However, it is permissible via the bylaws and any candidate will be permitted due process to the extent the candidate follows the processes outlined in this article. 

Candidate Credentialing & Campaign Rules Policy

Candidate Application
If you have any questions, please email