This newsletter is intended for the leaders of Women's Council. This important information should be read thoroughly and shared with your local members as needed. 

April 13, 2023 - Special Communication

Women’s Council is excited to announce the debut of the new Network Builder tool. 

The Network Builder allows you to pull rosters, which are updated in real-time.  Additionally expired member reports are back! Our number one most requested feature. Network officers will be able to view the roster, sort, and search directly on screen without exporting. Don’t worry, the Network Builder has the ability to export member lists too! Further, officers will be able to update member contact information directly in the system, allowing you to assist your members in keeping their contact information current.

To access the Network Builder, login to your Women’s Council profile and click on Network Builder at the top, or click From here, click View for your network and you will be taken to the first tab of the Network Builder, which is the Active Members report. 

What is my username/password?

Your username is the email address that you received this email at, the one Women’s Council has on file. If you forgot your password, use the forgot password link ( or email to reset your password.

What is going to happen to the Admin reports?

The network roster currently available in the Admin section of will still be available until the end of the year, however Women’s Council will immediately be discontinuing support for the network roster report in the Admin area. Moving forward, the reports in the Network Builder will be the ultimate source of truth for your network. We strongly suggest you only use the Network Builder for pulling rosters moving forward.

Will network microsite edits, network events, and local strategic sponsorships be available in the Network Builder?

Networks will still have to use the Admin section of to make microsite edits, publish network events, and make strategic partner changes. Plans are underway to migrate these functions over to the Network Builder, however only active member and expired member reports have been released. Network leaders will be updated as these features are released in the coming weeks.

Why is there a new tool, and why now?

Women’s Council has been working to optimize and streamline our technology. This past winter a major project was undertaken to overhaul membership data. Starting in 2023, we are eliminating the proration of first year members, and all members will be on the calendar renewal schedule. Prorated credits have been and will continue to be issued for new members who have joined in 2023, allowing them to get onto the calendar renewal track with the rest of Women’s Council members. 

With these changes and updates, we are finally able to offer networks more from our database. The new Network Builder was built directly into our association management database with direct access to membership data; no need to wait for the behind the scenes processes to reformat the data – which was one of the reasons for the lengthy delay when trying to pull roster reports. Being built directly into the database will allow for a two-way exchange of information and allow for faster access to membership data. Network officers will be able to make changes and updates to member contact information, as needed. 

We look forward to finding new ways to enhance this tool to allow for greater network control. 

I don’t see the Network Builder in my profile

The Network Builder is for state and local officers only. General members will not have access. If you are a state or local leader and do not see the Network Builder in the blue bar after logging into your profile, please email and we will promptly get this taken care of.