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Invite a National Officer to Your Network

Invite a National Officer to Your Virtual Event

2021 Dates to Remember

2022 Dates to Remember

Women's Council 2019-2021 Strategic Plan and Framework approved 11/4/2018

National Bylaws - effective  May 2021

FORMS for 2022

Application and Consent to Serve for National Leadership Positions 

Leadership Timeline: Old v. New

National Line Officers and EVP

National Officers' descriptions
Executive Vice President's description
Criteria for Candidates Seeking the Offices of President-elect, First Vice President, Treasurer and National Liaison 
Campaign Policy Updated November 2020

National Volunteer Opportunities

Visit our Volunteer Town Square page for national volunteer opportunities.
Opportunities exist via the Leadership Identification & Development process, Leadership Institute, national task forces, LeadersMadeHere submissions, and other volunteer opportunities that position you as a leader nationally and enhance your leadership journey and experience.  

Communicating the Council Value - A Powerpoint for Leadership
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2021 Local and State network Affiliation Agreements are past due.

Local Networks, click here to complete your 2021 affiliation agreement

State Networks, click here to complete your 2021 affiliation agreement

2022 Local and State Affiliation Agreements coming August 2021.