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Invite a National Officer to Your Network

Invite a National Officer to Your Virtual Event

Women's Council 2019-2021 Strategic Plan and Framework approved 11/4/2018

National Bylaws - effective  May 2020

FORMS for 2022

Application and Consent to Serve for National Leadership Positions 
Deadline: September 8, 2020 - Will automatically download

Leadership Timeline: Old v. New

National Line Officers and EVP

National Officers' descriptions
Executive Vice President's description
Criteria for Candidates Seeking the Offices of President-elect, First Vice President, Treasurer and National Liaison 

National Volunteer Opportunities

Visit our Volunteer Town Square page for national volunteer opportunities.
Opportunities exist via the Leadership Identification & Development process, Leadership Institute, national task forces, LeadersMadeHere submissions, and other volunteer opportunities that position you as a leader nationally and enhance your leadership journey and experience.  

Communicating the Council Value - A Powerpoint for Leadership
Will automatically download.