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Strategic Partnership Template and Talking Points

This suggested template with talking points has been created to help you set up and manage your network sponsorship program.

First-year Member Communication Strategy

Use this tool to help each new member understand the business value of membership, have a sense of "belonging" to a professional community of peers, feel connected to other members through productive professional relationships and achieve tangible personal growth and/or business results.

Local Network Websites features more local network information than ever before, including hosting of local network websites in a convenient Find A Network format. Our local network websites are streamlined to make finding local programs and events easier, as well as other relevant network information.

Network Tools

Leadership Development & Training

This page includes leadership tools that will engage and position your members for leadership roles within your network, the profession and the community. This page includes three sample Consent to Serve Forms, as well as leadership retention ideas and our brand-new Leadership Skills Training templates.

Marketing & Communications Tools 

Visit our marketing and communications page for a collection of tools, turnkey templates and more to assist in managing your network effectively, including the Marketing Action Kit and logo downloads.


Check out these newly developed tools, which were designed to help your network identify hot topics and develop them into educational programs for members and prospects. This page also includes presentation ideas and templates from past events to help develop relevant network programming for members in your area.

Recruiting & Retention Tools

Check out our turnkey tools for network leaders to assist with your recruiting and retention efforts, including scripts, member application brochures and our testimonial flyer, as well as past contest standings.

National Meeting Minutes (November 2018)

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National Meeting Minutes (May 2018)

National Midyear Business Meeting
Midyear National Governing Board Minutes